Aug 8, 2016

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Development highlight major changes for TERA Online 2016

Collective Entertainment today released an update for TERA online community for the team to highlight their annual plans and the latest developer blog article details some of the highlights include scheduled for 2016, some developers blog articles very excited to update the details TERA more exciting content online throughout the year, see the following focus.

As a large-scale campaign for the ruling guild huge Velika rights struggle
A heavy focus on the entire contents of the Society in 2016 the Society of additional features, such as new tasks, skills, guild-wide benefits
Exciting and challenging game content as the final large-scale attacks BAM ten thousand tons will support up to 30 groups of players, because they solve some of the most difficult race attacks
Developers have been listening to feedback from the community, and will continue to do so throughout the year, because they plan to make huge changes in the balance of cross-class board, and the shaman first started
For those who prefer fought side by side with the new Lilith castle dungeon and Rakelith Ruin ally highly skilled players to reward new content
The overall improvement of existing grouping mechanics and party functions
An improved, more streamlined user interface

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Sep 24, 2015

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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen: Neverland is about shortcomings led board

Pantheon: Fallen Brad McQuaid and the rise of the de la Durantaye game will be on hand both insiders and Cloud games in this year’s summit. Read on to find out the team will talk about in regards to the Pantheon.

The following is the entire contents of the announcement:

Since making its first public appearance, after its establishment, the visionary of the state will have two games in the industry speaker and cloud game in this year’s summit.

Insiders in the game, Brad McQuaid and Benjamin de la Durantaye will make a statement to explain the upper Michael Tsai in fireside chat entitled “Why the world needs another online game.” In this session, the group will discuss the The importance of the impact of past, current and potential future MMO game. Attendees will learn how to Neverland’s goal is to marry the old lessons with new ideas to revitalize the genre. Chat place in 10:00 PDT September 24 at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco.

Then, next week, in the morning 10:05 PDT Tuesday, September 29th at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, Brad will be the world’s architects John Diasparra and unity, a senior software engineer Sean Riley added. Three will be a group to discuss how to establish a unified MMO game. They will cover the logistics technology barriers and solutions, all the topics, will also send questions from the audience.

According to visionary kingdom Facebook page, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is the company’s focus.

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Sep 24, 2015

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Needless to say, take my money! BlizzCon 2015 announced value in the game

Blizzard has just announced that all of the items in the game comes with the purchase of tickets for BlizzCon 2015 or virtual ticket. We already know BlizzCon 2015 ticket holders spree, and now we can see what you’ll get in the game.

World of Warcraft – Murkidan Pets

Post-consumer Gul’dan tibia, the fiesty Demon Hunter is a cage for a thousand years by his brother Murkfurion. Now, he is ready to release his anger finfernal pet battle in Azeroth!

Nexus war beast Hill – Heroes of the Storm

The Panel will tremble, the kernel will crash when you rushed into battle across powerful Nexus war beast!

Hearthstone – Blizzard 2015 Card Back

Hearthstone on the phone, tavern brawl, Blackrock, big game, etc. – a very cool year, indeed.

StarCraft II – portraits

Show off your status as a galactic BlizzConquerer a pair of conventional Void theme Portrait call Sal Naga spear adun mystery and power.

Diablo III – BlizzCon Pennant, pets, and portraits

Three treasures await! Fly crusade BlizzCon color with a new banner, and mrglgllglgll demon hordes you Murkgoblin pets and portraits.

You will participate in the activities of individuals or purchase BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, watching it at home? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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Sep 16, 2015

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XBOX players received evil elements of Neverwinter September

No one was there. Woven baskets shaped like teardrops, filled with moldy tomes
and scrolls, swayed from the wooden rafters. If you have already jumped into the Neverwinter the Xbox One and familiar with the game’s PC version, you may want to know when the free to play MMORPG console version will be expanded modules are already available on the PC. Well wonder no more secret studio has announced, in September, XBOX version of Elemental Evil will come to the game.

It will also be able to put its friends Icewind Dale Feywild, Shadowmantle anger and curse it.”One of my kind came here to retrieve a scroll. I am here in his stead.” Viryx stepped close to the misbegotten arakkoa, pulling back the hood of her cloak and raising the feathers on her head to intimidate him. “Where is it?”

Once this update will start, in the PC version of Xbox One and PC games will only be on sale August 11, Xbox no known date of unreleased stronghold module separated by being nominated for.

Add so much content is means players will receive a higher level cap, the Oathbound Paladin class, 8 adventure area, games in late April, Minsc and boos, and other content pendulum once. It’s like a content MMORPG flooding.

“Neverwinter: the great changes brought about by the evil element to us, because a version of its Xbox launch in late March,” Rob Overmeyer, executive producer said. “With our growing social gaming, we continue our support, including six extensions worth dungeons and heroic encounter with the dragon within six months. Our team is ecstatic to continue to support and I can not wait to give our Xbox after a player to control their own stronghold and our next content update coming in this year. “

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Sep 16, 2015

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SWTOR trailer expansion emperor face VALKORION

Regardless of your opinion of the game, you have to admit, BioWare company has done some pretty kick ass trailer Star Wars: The Old Republic. Recently, the collection at the GamesCom, a fallen imperial expansion of the Knights, and gives a little more insight into your character’s future, “Outlander” a role that he or she will pass the extension.

Your role will be the veteran Outlander, the great galactic war. Go to the outer edge of the galaxy come face to face new threats, the emperor VALKORION eternal empire, only to discover his dark fate tied to your own. Choose your path, hand in hand accompanied by old and new, and to shape the future of the entire Milky Way, are at the center of their own personal Star Wars ™ SAGA!

Fallen Empire Knights arrive on October 27, will be free Star Wars: The Old Republic users.

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Aug 28, 2015

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Was the Trove Response to Server Issues Adequate?

Communication is a key component in the realm of mmo games, and how game companies respond to issues and player complaints is a vital aspect of such communication. Trion Worlds recently had some Trove server issues that frustrated many players, and the company responded by offering a free class unlock and a three day Patron package. Was the Trove response to server issues adequate?

The official launch for the Trove virtual worlds mmo was on July 9th, even though the game had been playable for quite some time during its soft launch. What happened next took Trion Worlds by surprise as a vast number of online gamers decided to give Trove a whirl. This led to some staggering Trove server issues, with players waiting hours to get into the game and queues regularly hitting over one thousand people. Some hardware issues forced the game to lock and restart the servers on July 17th. The following day, the developers found a performance-hampering bug, so they brought the severs down to apply a hotfix. As misery loves company, that evening saw the game’s authentication servers crash.

The Trove response to these server issues was to send out an email stating, “As you might be aware, we had an overwhelming response to the launch of Trove. (It overwhelmed us personally and emotionally, and it also overwhelmed our servers!) We know you just want to play our game and that you put up with a lot in order to be able to get in. We appreciate that, and wanted to let you know that since launch we’ve increased our player capacity 400%. This puts us well above our peak usage times, with room to spare. Now that things are more stable, and more playable, we wanted to give you all a little something as thanks for bearing with us. These should show up in game in the next 24 hours, or so:

1 Free Class: You’ll get a non-tradable Class Coin which is good for any current or future Class unlock.

Patron Time: You’ll get 3 days of Patron Time, as well as 3 additional days if you’ve made a real-money purchase. Anyone with active Patron benefits will have the extra days added to your total time.”

The player reaction to the Trove response to their server issues has been mixed. Some players have expressed satisfaction over what Trion Worlds has given them, but others have raged over the lack of server stability, saying that the company has a poor track record and should have been more prepared. I can understand the frustration of gamers who spent hours trying to log into a game that they want to play. Yet for all this huffing and puffing, I do think that the Trove response to their server issues was pretty adequate.

While many gamers have said that the virtual world mmo should have been more prepared to handle the vast player load, I can understand why Trion was caught by surprise. The game had been in soft launch for quite a while, even having an update released before the game’s official launch, and I’m sure that the numbers that they were looking at was in-line with what the server capacity that they currently had in place. What they didn’t anticipate was the amount of players who decided to try the game out after the official launch. We have to remember that Trove was never high on the hype meter for gamers, so I can understand why they didn’t expect the player response that they got.

We have to remember that most mmo launches do not go smoothly. People forget that the World of Warcraft launch was incredibly buggy and bad, but Blizzard worked quickly to smooth things out in the weeks after launch. The most recent example in my experience is Star Wars: The Old Republic. That particular mmo had tremendous hype that had been built up over several years, had $200 million spent developing it, and had physical sales to show player interest in the game. You would have thought that BioWare would have been ready for the game’s official launch, but you would have been wrong. The queues were absolutely insane for the first week. I remember getting into a queue, leaving home to do some grocery shopping and other errands, and then returning to find myself still in the queue. The point is that Trion could not really have anticipated the amount of player interest in the game that it received.

Trove free class unlock

As for the compensation that Trion sent out over the Trove server issues, a free class unlock and three days of Patron time are a decent offering to the players. The giving of a class unlock costs the company money as they generate revenue by people paying to unlock a class. As players can use the class coins to unlock future classes if they choose to do so, this move costs Trion revenue in the future as well. Of course, I understand that this will not break the bank, but it’s a solid and respectable gesture. To be honest, Trion could have really done nothing to address player frustration over the Trove server issues other than fixing those issues. The only thing I would have suggested if they did that was to compensate subscribers with some extra time to make up for the time that they lost, which is part and parcel of what they actually did.

Overall, I do think that Trion’s response to the Trove server issues was perfectly adequate. Players get a free class unlock and some Patron time in compensation for long queues and other associated server problems. They should be acknowledged for working to fix the server issues and then for giving something to the players to help make up for any hassles. That’s more than a lot of other mmo games have done when they’ve had similar issues.

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Aug 28, 2015

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Top 5 Defiance-Style TV MMO Tie-Ins We Want to See

There are a number of good mmorpg games based upon TV shows and movies. However, using an established intellectual property does not guarantee success or quality. One essential ingredient in such an online game is a regular infusion of new content that moves the overall storyline of the game forward or tells a self-contained story arc. This factor is a perfect match for games based upon TV shows. One notable example is the Defiance mmofps where events on the show have a direct impact within the game. This format is an intriguing one, and it could be adapted to other intellectual properties on the small screen as well. Let’s take a look at the top five Defiance-style TV mmo tie-ins we want to see.

Before we begin, I understand that creating an TV mmo tie-in can be a difficult task. The lead time necessary to create a new season of a TV show is pretty substantial, and the reality is that the development team of the game is usually a totally separate entity from the TV production crew. Still, I think it would be possible for an mmo to roll out new content based upon a recent season or episode of a TV series if a solid foundation is laid in place. Now let’s our imagination run riot as we conjure up our top five TV mmo tie-ins that we wish existed.

One show that I’ve really gotten into is Killjoys on the SyFy channel. This show is based upon a group of bounty hunters that operate in a section of space known as The Quad. What I find refreshing about this show is that the setting is incredibly detailed, and viewers learn a bit more every week. This setting would serve as an excellent basis for an online game where new factions or organizations that are introduced into the series could then be introduced into the game shortly thereafter. A recent example had the bounty hunters accepting a commission from one of the grand houses to provide an escort for the surrogate that was carrying an heir to a dynasty back to a safe location in order to give birth. Such a scenario would be a tremendous adventure or plot line within a game. The new worlds that the show introduces as well as the various conflicts that erupt would serve as great content rolled out for online gamers. Players could be members of one of several different factions: the Company, the Killjoys (bounty hunters), a rebellious group, or in service to one of the noble families.

Doctor Who
Our next entry in our top five TV mmo tie-ins we want to see is Doctor Who. This series is a perfect choice to serve as the inspiration for new mmo content. Every season of the new series brings us an overarching villain, not to mention a slew of new monsters to fight and new worlds to explore. Just imagine the joy of gamers if a Doctor Who mmo had been in existence since the new series began when monsters such as the Weeping Angels and the Silence were introduced. Gamers would lose their minds when such new content was released into the game and players could then face these new baddies on their own. The alien (or past or future) worlds that the Doctor and his companions travel to in the series are great to watch on the TV, but they would be an absolute blast to explore in an online game where players could dig more deeply into the settings. Plus, there just needs to be a damn Doctor Who mmo!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
While we do have a Marvel superhero mmo in the form of Marvel Heroes 2015, it’s more of a Diablo-style game. It’s a blast to play, but I would give my back teeth to adventure in an mmo that was based upon Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or even Agent Carter. We’ve had several seasons of solid content for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but the series really kicked into high gear with the introduction of the Inhumans. This makes our top five TV mmo tie-ins as the expanding TV universe would be tremendous if adapted to an online game. Players could help fight back against Hydra or try to survive on the run from government forces once S.H.I.E.L.D. was brought down. The recent storyline of various S.H.I.E.L.D. factions would have made for some tremendous mmo content where players would have to decide where their true loyalties lie. Agent Carter could serve as an inspiration for flashback adventures or perhaps even time-travel escapades.
Sleepy Hollow
The sad reality is that there are way too few horror mmos on the market today, with the main one currently being The Secret World. Sleepy Hollow makes our list of the top five mmo TV tie-ins as it’s both a horror-based setting and that each season of the TV show really expanded the show’s universe and ramped up the conflict between good and evil. As the show has run its course, new factions were introduced. Two of my favorites are the Freemasons, who turn out to be good guys fighting to protect the world against evil, and the Hessians, mercenaries who are in service to demonic overlords. When the realm of Limbo was opened up in the TV show, I thought that it would also serve as a great zone for mmo adventures. Of course, new monsters and demons were introduced as the show moved along, which then could have been introduced into the accompanying mmo, as well as the expanded-upon history that was revealed in each successive season.

Our last entry on our list of the top five mmo TV tie-ins we would love to see is a show that was cancelled before its time. I’m talking about Helix, the SyFy show that mixed zombie plagues, biological weapons, secret societies, and immortals into one strange mix. I absolutely loved this show as it would veer off into insane tangents that you would never see coming. The premise is that a CDC team was dispatched to deal with a viral outbreak at a medical research lab in the Arctic. What really made this show perfect for an mmo TV tie-in was that each season had its own unique setting and storyline. The first season took place in the medical research lab in a polar setting, but the second season was on an isolated island that was run by a leader of a cult. If the show had continued, it was fairly obvious that each new season would have taken place in an entirely new setting with a different set of circumstances. What would have been tremendous on an mmo front is that each successive season did not just rehash what went before, but that it told its own unique story but that story has been built upon what went before. In the mmo, a new season would have found players going to an entirely new zone that they would have to explore and puzzle out what was actually going on behind the scenes.

As you can see, there are a number of TV shows that would serve as a good mmo in the form of the Defiance mmofps where the show impacts the online game. Each season on the TV show brings new characters, enemies, locations, and stories that could easily be ported over to an online game for players to enjoy. Of course, it would take a great deal of effort, communication, and planning to pull this off, but the results could be spectacular. Do you agree with our list of the top five TV mmo tie-ins? What shows do you think should be included? Let us know in the comments below.

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Aug 17, 2015

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Sometimes you can’t help but take a screenshot of what is otherwise nightmare fuel, because perhaps in freezing a scene in its tracks, you eventually rob it of its fear factor. Or you just take the picture so you can freak others out.

Reader Erin is trying to exorcise her own demons with this Final Fantasy XIV submission: “In my aimless travels around Eorzea I decided to start taking profile shots of random critters and enemies. The most memorable though is the creepy undead creature (that I forget the name of name). It might have been the moment, the lighting… or maybe it’s the visual of it’s eyes lighting up when you got too close that haunted me for a while afterwards.”

“This shot is from the anniversary event in The Secret World, showing my main and some fellow bees strutting our stuff alongside the Gatekeeper as he goes to summon a golem in Blue Mountain,” reader Tyler sent in . “I love doing the call-outs for these event bosses. Summoning an entire army of players just feels epic, and it fosters a great sense of community.”

There’s nothing quite like giving your computer’s graphic card a major upgrade and then seeing how your MMOs look. Reader Ellen enjoyed this experience lately and had to share the love.

“In a thread yesterday someone commented on how they were surprised at how good RIFT can look now,” she wrote. “Back when I originally played chocolate RIFT, I only had an 8800GT. It was playable with the graphics turned down, but it didn’t look exceptional. When I came back, between a new card allowing me turn up all the options and all of the improvements Trion has made, I discovered that RIFT can be a beautiful indeed. Here’s my Kelari mage Ritaav just hanging (in midair!) in Goboro Reef.​”

Sometimes with scenes in science-fiction MMOs, I play a game where I imagine if they’d fit in just fine with a fantasy MMO. And I do the same in reverse with fantasy titles. I think this following Star Wars: The Old Republic room (sent in by Cosmic Cleric) could serve as a great sword-and-sorcery boss fight platform, don’t you?

Hey, if you get a good ride, you don’t keep it in the garage. You take that baby out for a stroll and show it off to the neighbors. So for this week’s It Came from the Comments! winner, I’m going to give props to reader Skoryy’s gorgeous Akira-class ship in Star Trek Online.

I know what you’re all waiting for — the best part of your day, no doubt! The time when I give you your new screenshot assignment! Oh rapturous joy, that moment is here! So let’s keep the theme of this week’s headliner going and ask you to send in screenshots you’ve taken of disturbing or otherwise creepy sights in your MMOs.

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!


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